Moyses Dos Santos / London / 2017 / Photograph by Catharine Amoroso / Amoroso Films

Moyses Dos Santos / London / 2017 / Photograph by Catharine Amoroso / Amoroso Films

Bass player Moyses Dos Santos is best known as co-founder, along with Incognito and Level 42 drummer Pete Ray Biggin, of the exceptional band, Lola’s Day Off.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Moyses showed an aptitude for the instrument from a very early age. His first public performance was at the age of eight, when he appeared with his local church band, and he continued to perform within the church environment right through to the age of 18. Once in his teens, the word soon got out and it wasn’t long before Moyses found himself touring Brazil with established gospel and pop artists. 

Moyses’ international career really took off, though, with his move to London in the late 2000s. It didn’t take long for his talent to be recognised, and he has been touring Europe and his native South America with various high profile bands, in addition to working regularly as a successful studio musician. His long waited debut album will be released later this year.


fire in my heart - moyses dos santos

Moyses Dos Santos - Bass / Jackson Mathod - Trumpet / Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti - Saxophone / Mikayl Dawood - Guitar / Isaac Adoasi and Jack S.Oliver -keys / Pete Ray Biggin and G legend -drums
Produced by Syler Jones / Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright / Video by Dean Aladay & Vera Mayzel


Trapeze - Moyses Dos Santos feat. Cleverson Silva

Video by Dean Aladay / Moyses dos Santos - Bass / Cleverson Silva - Drums / Mikayl Dawood - Guitar / James Gardiner Bateman - Sax / Jay Phelps - Trumpet / Tomas Bura - Keys / 'Trapeze' - written by Moyses Dos Santos and Mikayl Dawood / Mixed and Mastered by Mikayl Dawood / Sound engineer Henrik Fossum / Recorded at PBUG Studio - London